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It doesn’t cost more to do it right!

The most effective antivirus software will help you keep your devices safe from malware, ransomware and phishing. It also helps prevent data hacks and spyware from damaging your personal information. But there are hundreds of packages out there with many costing more than you’d like to spend.

We’ve tested more than 300 of them to find the best antivirus protection for your budget. We searched for software that is easy to use and durable, yet secures you without slowing your computer down or causing you to stop using it. We’ve also made sure that the software is updated with its malware database frequently.

The top packages come with a complete range of anti-malware software, as well as extra features such a VPN password manager, password manager, and parental controls. Some companies offer a dark-web monitoring service to see if your email address, credit card information or other personal information has fallen into the wrong hand.

Norton 360 is our winner. It provides top-quality all-round security, excellent rate of malware detection, and incredible additional features, such as a password manager. The service offers dark web monitoring in real-time, as well as cloud backups.

It’s one of the few security programs that are available for Macs (most other programs only cover Windows PCs). In tests conducted by independent lab AV Comparatives it performed very well. It’s not cheap at PS2/month for an annual subscription, however there’s a no-cost trial available.