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Companies competing for the top VDR providers must look at various factors that include security and compliance, cost, and usability. These factors are important for all industries, however some industries have their own specific requirements to be considered when choosing a provider. It is also crucial to consider the features offered by a VDR provider and if they are appropriate for your particular situation.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) are among the most common scenarios in which a company has to share data with third parties. A secure VDR is crucial because the information shared during M&A includes financial data, and sensitive information about the companies involved. M&As require that a large number of people examine documents and make decisions. If these people are scattered across the country or even around the world, a virtual data room can allow them to meet online and collaborate in real time.

Another situation where an VDR can be utilized is during a litigation process. In litigation, the business has to examine a vast amount of information and safeguard sensitive information. A VDR allows the firm to share relevant data with its legal counsel without having to worry about it being stolen or used for a purpose that is not.

A VDR can also be beneficial for raising money, talent acquisition and onboarding/offboarding mergers and acquisitions and other similar processes. These processes all involve sharing confidential information with external parties and can result in a lot of headache in the event that they are not handled appropriately. Utilizing a VDR to accomplish this can eliminate the need to share documents via email, which introduces many risks such as hacking and identity theft.