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A reliable online meeting platform is essential to effective team collaboration and remote communication. The right solution can bring everyone together for engaging meetings that are efficient and informative. They can also help you reach your goals. Whether you’re looking for an online meeting tool to facilitate 1:1 meetings, all-hands meetings, team lunches, daily standups, or other corporate events, there’s a lot of options available.

Some of the most important aspects to be considered are compatibility with the current technology including size of the meeting along with meeting analytics and a clean, intuitive user interface. Make sure that the online meeting software you select supports your preferred audio-video call protocols. Be sure to select an online service that offers secure storage and hosting. Make sure to look for a digital whiteboard, mind mapping tools, Kanban boards, file upload and download capabilities, and chat functionality to ensure effective communication.

The best online meeting software allows you to add an administrator to the session in order to monitor the proceedings. This helps keep the meeting on track and helps avoid diverging. A good online tool for meeting allows you to eliminate participants to avoid interruptions and ensure that your meeting stays on time.

Mentimeter lets you enhance your presentations with interactive elements and polling. It’s user-friendly, works well with video conferencing, and comes with a free plan that allows 50 participants per month.

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